All bus pass information is available via the Parent and Secondary Student Portal by choosing the Transportation Info icon located in the navigation menu.  The information displayed will include the bus number, bus stop location and pick up/drop off times. 

  • Children should arrive at their bus stop at least TEN MINUTES before the indicated pick up time. All bus drivers will have a list of students on the bus so there is no need to print or show a bus pass.
  • All Kindergarten students must be escorted to and from their bus stop.
  • Private/parochial students will receive a mailing with bus pass information.
  • In order to have the safest and most efficient transportation system possible, please review the District’s Code of Conduct.

If you have any questions, please contact the Transportation Office at 516-308-5065 or via email at transportation@msd.k12.ny.us. Requests for bus stop changes must be submitted in writing to the Transportation Office. Any approved changes will be implemented on or after September 30th.