3/20/20 - Community Letter

3/20/20 - District Email

As we all abide by the necessary guidelines in order to "flatten the curve," and navigate the issues of limited social interaction, we want to reach out and assure everyone that we are all in this together...and that we will all get through this.
To our faculty, staff and administrators who have been working on everything from preparing alternative learning activities and resources to engage with their students, to distributing lunches to those in need, we thank you for your effort and spirit of collaboration. We know you continue to focus on the needs of students and families while you look to address the needs of your own. 

To our families and care-takers, we want to assure you that we are available to address your questions and concerns. We have, and will continue to provide you with communication and resources regarding how to support yourselves and your children through these challenging weeks. We will also keep you informed as we receive guidance regarding the school calendar, AP and Regents assessments, and anything else that comes our way. Continue to check the District Website for a complete chronology of communications thus far. The learning resources and activities that have been posted are NOT mandatory, nor is there any need to stress over deadlines. They are not being graded. They are the first phase of instructional outreach to provide our students the opportunity to engage in some meaningful, relevant activity related to school. Similarly, as teachers reach out to their students, the goal is to maintain some semblance of continuity of learning, balancing the need for student engagement with the practical circumstances, and the stressors that exist. There can be learning and structured activity without stress or grades...especially now.

To our students, we want you to know that your teachers, your principals and counselors are available and will be reaching out to you. We all miss you, and are looking for creative ways to maintain to the best of our ability, given the calendar and circumstances, some of the things you are looking forward to...moving-up, proms and graduation ceremonies. We hope you are taking the time to relax, truly communicate with those in your home who care for you, and stay engaged with your teachers and counselors as they reach out to you. Take the time to read, write, draw, paint, play, create music and appreciate your talents...and what you miss most about school. Think how great it will be when this all passes and you actually have school and work to attend to!

Again, please feel free to reach out to any one of us via email, and continue to check the District website for updated information. We appreciate everyone's patience, collaboration and community support as we work through this together.