09/22/23: Mascot Community Letter Follow-up

09/22/23: Mascot Community Letter Follow-up

Dear Massapequa School Community,

As we promised our community in June when we adopted a resolution in accordance with the New York State Education Department’s directive regarding prohibitive mascots and imagery, it was our intention to retain the right to challenge the decision through litigation. Through the official filing of our lawsuit, we have kept that promise.

It is our hope that we can share the true Massapequa story. The Chief is more than a logo to our schools and community. It is our history and our heritage. When we speak of the Massapequa “Chief,” we do so with pride and respect. As a Board, we are united in our efforts to stand up for our community and years of tradition. We thank the Massapequa community for their support as we navigate this process.

As we say in Massapequa, “Once a Chief, Always a Chief.”

The Massapequa Board of Education