For all current K-11 students that are enrolled in the Massapequa School District for the 2024-25 school year

  • Students will have access to most digital platforms/resources located on
    • All of these resources can be accessed from our district Clever Portal located at and all tutorials are located at
    • All student usernames and passwords are located on the Parent Portal Student Portfolio page.
    • Please note, we recently transitioned our current Kindergarten students from Clever badges to usernames and passwords.
    • Students enrolled in secondary Summer School have access to a computer lab for account support.

  • If you need technology support over the summer months, we ask that you use the tutorial information in the navigation menu, as well as the information below. If you are still in need of help, we ask you to please complete the 

  • All current Grade K-11 students keep their Chromebooks over the summer months.
    • As a reminder, all parents and students must follow the previously acknowledged Learning… Anytime Anywhere Handbook agreement located on the Student Chromebooks Webpage. (Parent/Guardian and Student responsibilities, Chromebook care, etc.)
    • It is important for students to charge their Chromebooks throughout the summer to prevent battery issues in September.

  • All students exiting the Massapequa School District (e.g. Graduating seniors, school district transfers, etc.) are responsible for the return of their Chromebook to their home school prior to leaving on their last day.
    • Exiting students can transfer or download their Google Drives by following these directions – Takeout or Transfer.

  • All building loaner Chromebooks must be returned prior to leaving on the last day. If a student Chromebook is in for repair, we will contact you once the Chromebook is ready for pick-up.

  • If your child needs a physical Chromebook repair over the summer months or prior to the start of the new school year, we ask that you please drop-off the Chromebook at the district office with the front monitor between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM. (Please follow the troubleshooting steps located at Student Chromebooks Webpage Webpage prior to drop-off.)
    • Students enrolled in secondary Summer School have access to a computer lab for support and repairs.

  • All incoming Massapequa School District students (e.g. Kindergarten, school district transfers, etc.) will receive an assigned Chromebook at the start of the new school year.