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A Camp Out for Learning at McKenna


It wasn’t the middle of a forest, but Colleen Lawlor’s first grade classroom still made a great place for a campsite on June 17 at McKenna Elementary School. As part of their A to Z countdown to the end of the year, students celebrated the letter T with tent day.

Using colorful tablecloths, students transformed their desks into tents and enjoyed camping-themed literacy and math activities. Each child wrote a book about how to make s’mores, then enjoyed a graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow snack. The mood was set with a video of a roaring fire on the classroom’s electronic display board.

In math, students have been immersed in a measurement unit, so they used miniature marshmallows to measure different camping-related objects. Ms. Lawlor said this was a hands-on way to review the concepts.

Later in the day, children went sight word star gazing. Ms. Lawlor covered the hallway in stars with common reading words, and students went around with clipboards and marked off each one they found. Together, the class also read a poem about camping.