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Fifth Graders Become the Experts at Unqua

 Expert Projects   Expert Projects  Expert Projects  Expert Projects

From sports to music to fashion, fifth graders have a wide variety of interests in Sarah Lang’s class at Unqua Elementary School. To close out the year, students made expert presentations to share information on topics of personal interest.

Ms. Lang said that the expert projects are a highly-anticipated tradition in her class, as it centers on student choice. Each child picks a topic, creates a digital presentation and then does a demonstration. The goal is to make it both informative and interactive, she explained.

Students could use either Google Slides or BookCreator to make the digital presentations, allowing them to choose the platform they prefer.

This year’s projects were wide-ranging. One student presented about baseball and showed some of his equipment. Another talked about hairstyles and made a French braid in a friend’s hair. Following a presentation on the electric guitar, children gathered around to hear their classmate play.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all that makes them special and unique, and to showcase their talents, before they head off to middle school,” Ms. Lang said.

As they get older, Ms. Lang said, they will have more independence with schoolwork and this gives them a chance to take ownership of a project from start to finish. It also allows them to hone their public speaking skills and, most importantly, reminds them to take pride in who they are.