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District’s AI Committee Explores Opportunities for Education

The Massapequa School District is committed to staying at the forefront of technology advancements, including the area of artificial intelligence in education. To achieve this, the district recently created an AI target group, composed of leadership and instructional staff from all levels and multiple subject areas. They were tasked with exploring and identifying common themes, innovations, challenges and recommendations.

The target group focused on student and data privacy, while exploring current and exploratory platforms that use AI. The group recognized the widespread availability and use of AI, as it presents both challenges and opportunities for the district. The group of leaders and teachers worked to identify ways to mitigate the challenges, and maximize the opportunities, to improve student learning and district operations.

Laura Siegel, a social studies teacher at Massapequa High School, joined the target group to learn more about the fast-emerging technology and contribute her ideas to using AI as a meaningful educational resource.

“It’s a technology that is moving very quickly and students already have access to it,” she said. “I want to be a part of the process on how the district will use AI.”

Some of the recommendations included general guidelines for staff and students, curriculum for students, professional development for staff, and a focus on privacy and security.

“We’re enthusiastic about continuing this collaborative work throughout our school district, fostering innovation and maximizing the benefits of using AI in education,” said Bryan Piotrowski, Assistant to the Superintendent for Technology and General Administration.