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Lockhart First Graders Welcome Ducklings

Ducklings  Ducklings  Ducklings

In early May, eight eggs arrived in each first grade classroom at Lockhart Elementary School. By the end of the month, baby ducklings made their much-anticipated debut.

Students become highly engaged in the scientific study, which supports their knowledge of animal life cycles. The eggs spend 28 days in an incubator, during which first graders learn about ducks and make daily observations. As they wait, students even come up with names for the ducks.

Teacher Kelly Anne Xippolitos said this year her students were fortunate to witness two of the ducklings hatch during class. The young ducks were transferred to a brooder, and children ensured they had plenty of food and water.

“Being able to watch the ducks hatch is completely magical,” Ms. Xippolitos said. “They love to see what ducks do. They get to observe the ducks, and see how they live, eat and sleep.”

To help the ducklings with their future lives, each day the first grade teachers and the students brought an inflatable swimming pool outside, filled it with water and allowed the ducks to swim.

Ms. Xippolitos said that students care for the ducks as if their own. She noted that the children get to know them so well that they can easily tell two ducklings apart that look very similar.

As part of the project, students made their own “All About Ducks” nonfiction books and kept duck embryology journals with their scientific recordings. After about two weeks in the classroom, the ducks went to a farm, where they will live out their lives at a pond. Ms. Xippolitos added that many students cite the ducklings project as one of their favorite elementary school memories when they graduate from Lockhart.