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Sixth Graders Strive for Success

BMS Success Projects  BMS Success Projects  BMS Success Projects

As they plot their own paths for success, sixth graders at Berner Middle School are looking to notable athletes and entertainers as examples. Students in Theresa LiCausi’s English language arts classes recently completed digital slideshows to culminate the “Recipe for Success” unit.

They read a series of stories about different ingredients for success, such as breaking goals into smaller steps, celebrating when things go well, commitment, growth mindset, and perseverance and resilience. Each story highlighted a famous person and how he or she applied one of those ingredients. Students explored the successes of notable individuals like Michael Jordan, Tony Hawk, Stephen Curry and Yo-Yo Ma.

For their digital projects, students selected three ingredients for success. They had to include a quote from the story in which the ingredient was highlighted, and create an action plan to apply it in their own lives. Their presentations were made using Google Slides and Ms. LiCausi said students were encouraged to make a visual impact by being creative in their designs.

“We want students to know that everyone doesn’t just become a superstar overnight,” she said. “It takes hard work and dedication, and realizing that failure and mistakes are part of the learning process and help us grow.”

Ms. LiCausi said the unit taught students the theory and power behind goal setting. Through literature and analysis, they came away with skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.