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Young Scientists Study Life Cycles at Fairfield

FFE Life Cycles  FFE Life Cycles  FFE Life Cycles  FFE Life Cycles

With spring in full swing, plant and animal life cycles have been the focus in science lessons at Fairfield Elementary School.

In Kimberly Ordon’s class, students made small greenhouses to grow lima beans. Creating the greenhouses was simple – the lima beans and a wet paper towel in a sealed, clear bag. The bags were then taped to the window to provide sunlight and create condensation inside.

The young scientists recorded their observations daily. Once the seeds started sprouting and stems were visible, students took their lima beans home to plant in the ground. Next, the class will receive caterpillars and watch them become butterflies.

Mary Lynn McCauley’s kindergartners were growing their own radishes as part of the Mystery Science program. Each student placed seeds in a cup of dirt. They also mixed in a little baking soda, a trick they learned to avoid fungus and mold on their plants.

The kindergartners also compared the growth of two plants, which were given different amounts of air, soil, sunlight and water.

First graders welcomed baby chicks to their classroom. Incubators with eggs arrived as students returned from spring break. Students ensured that the incubators were kept at the right temperature and humidity level. After about three weeks, some of the eggs started to hatch and the chicks were born.

Teacher Doreen Walsh explained that the chicks were then moved into a brooder. Children made sure the fluffy yellow birds had food and water during their two-week stay in the classroom.