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They’ve Got the Scoop at Lockhart

LHE Ledger Staff

If you want to stay informed, check with the hard-working young reporters of the Lockhart Ledger. The fourth and fifth graders who comprise the staff of the student newspaper at Lockhart Elementary School are looking to keep their classmates in the know.

The Lockhart Ledger is a digital newspaper published a few times throughout the year. Students report on events at school, conduct interviews with teachers and share their thoughts on kid-friendly topics like books, movies, toys and video games.

There is always a lot going on at Lockhart, and the Ledger’s writers love to share this news. Lucianna A. wrote about the Submerge Storytelling event in school and the fifth grade financial literacy trip to Commerce Plaza. Reilly M. penned stories about “The Little Mermaid” musical production and a pickleball unit in physical education classes.

“I like writing,” fourth grader Mario M. said. “It helps the students so they know what’s going on.”

The Ledger staff members don’t just write, they also do the layout and design with Canva. Just like any other newspaper, they make sure to enhance their stories with photos and graphics.

Adviser Emily B. said that the Lockhart Ledger was around in the 1990s as a print newspaper, and was revived last year as a digital edition. It is sent to parents, teachers and staff, and students can also access it on their Chromebooks.

“The Ledger staff does a great job and they are very committed,” Ms. Bresnihan said. “They learn to be better writers, and learn more about their school and their community.”