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Unqua Fifth Graders Put Their Memories to Paper

Unqua Memories  Unqua Memories  Unqua Memories

Several songs remind us to say “thanks for the memories” and fifth graders at Unqua Elementary School are doing just that as they near the end of an era.

With middle school just a few months away, students are reflecting on the opening six years of their educational careers in Massapequa. In Christina Lang and Noreen O’Sullivan’s class, fifth graders recently completed writing pieces and illustrations about either a fond moment or a special person during their time at Unqua.

Some of the memories that students picked included engaging lessons and special events. They also gave shout outs to teachers who have made a difference.

Nicky Bruno wrote about fourth grade field day, when his team was undefeated in tug-of-war. Christian B. also cited field day, with his favorite game being the sponge relay race. As he decided on which moment to pick, he also reflected on his special area classes and playing in the band. 

“It brings back a lot of good memories of having fun throughout the years with my friends and having great teachers,” Christian said of the project.

“You were able to think about a lot of different things,” added Emma M., “and honor someone or honor a memory that you really liked.”

Anthony C.’s piece celebrated his fourth grade teacher, Clare Weber. He reminisced on the nicknames she gave everyone and also noted how much he learned because of her engaging teaching style.

“She made a really big impact on me,” he said.