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A Peer-to-Peer Lesson on Social Media Safety

Social Media Safety  Social Media Safety  Social Media Safety

As they begin to explore various social media platforms, fifth graders in the Massapequa School District have the tools to do so safely. Members of the Student Advisory Council, a group of student government and class officers from Massapequa High School, provided valuable information to the younger peers during workshops from March 6-10.

The lessons were presented during library periods throughout the week, and each fifth grade class was visited by a team of three or four students from the high school’s main and Ames campuses. Presentations were specifically tailored to the fifth graders, based on their responses to an advance survey about their use of social media.

Student Advisory Council members discussed the different platforms and showed fifth graders how to use the different privacy setting. The presentations focused on responsible use of social media and included time for questions.

“We’re here to educate them on what they can do to protect their privacy and protect their safety,” said Zachary R., one of the high school presenters.

In the advance survey, the Student Advisory Committee learned that 93 percent of fifth graders were already familiar with at least one social media platform, the most popular being YouTube and TikTok. The high school students said that makes it essential that students learn these safety tips before they get to middle school.

“It’s important to teach them the proper way to use social media to build that foundation,” Griffin H. said.

Ames Campus Principal Tania Willman said that the student leaders, representing grades 9-12, worked collaboratively to develop and deliver meaningful presentations for the fifth graders. The students also developed social media safety lessons that teachers can use in their classrooms.

“We are so proud of our class officers who continue to serve as leaders throughout the school community,” Ms. Willman said.

The Student Advisory Council will also present internet and social media safety tips at a parent seminar on March 27 at 7 p.m. at Massapequa High School.