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Calm Classroom Brings Bliss to Lockhart Students

Calm Classroom  Calm Classroom

With a desire to be mindful of their mental health, students at Lockhart Elementary School have quickly embraced the new calm classroom initiative. Several teachers are now incorporating relaxation breaks once a week or more so students can be emotionally healthy.

Psychologist Chanah Greenstein brought calm classroom to Lockhart, which she said is backed by research on the benefits of mindfulness in academic settings. The scripted, three-minute exercises include breathing, stretching, focusing and relaxation techniques. Overall, a calm classroom session takes about 10 minutes including a follow-up discussion on how students are feeling.

Ms. Greenstein said that these techniques promote self-awareness and mental focus, and can be used in any setting.

“We need to teach our students easy and engaging ways to calm themselves and pay attention to their emotional state,” she said.

Calm classroom started in a fourth grade classroom, and has since been adopted by classes in multiple grade levels throughout Lockhart. Ms. Greenstein said that the feedback from students has been very positive, and they have noted their use of these techniques in other aspects of their lives.

Third grade teacher Karley Riegel said her students have already done different exercises including sun breathing and butterfly breathing. Each are done with the lights off and feature different stretches and breathing patterns. Ms. Riegel said that her students look forward to it to reset and recharge.