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Midterms Spark a Mental Health Refresher at Ames

Less Stress Week

Students in the Active Minds club at the Massapequa High School Ames Campus supported their peers as midterms approached with Stress Less, Laugh More Week from Jan. 17-20.

The mission of Active Minds is to raise awareness about mental health and wellness by exploring stress and its impact on teens. School-based chapters lead conversation, culture change and advocacy efforts. Students engage in discussions and activities about mental health and aim to decrease stigma.

Active Minds members made posters that hung throughout the school and also provided daily stress remedies for the morning announcements, such as staying hydrated and getting the proper amount of sleep. They even supported Ames faculty and staff with free stress therapy tea.

The club also partnered with Chiefs Challenge, which gave a midterm study tip of the day during the daily announcements. Stress Less Week ended with a way to really make students feel relaxed – pajama day.