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Fairfield Students Provide News to Use

Broadcast Club  Broadcast Club  Broadcast Club

With news, sports and weather, fifth graders at Fairfield Elementary are creating a newscast each morning just like their professional counterparts.

The popularity of Fairfield’s Broadcasting Club is evident, as 55 students take turns putting together the morning announcements. There are both on-camera and behind-the-scenes roles, with six assignments each day.

The daily show includes school announcements, a weather report, an update on local sports teams, the lunch menu, a fact of the day and joke of the day. Students gather the information and write their own scripts. A technician operates the iPad, which is used to record the show, as well as lighting and sound equipment. Students are supported by club advisers Stephani Cantelmo, Dallas Dano and Caitlyn Pereira.

When it’s their day, Broadcast Club members report to the library when they arrive at school and begin preparing for the show. It is recorded in front of a green screen so students can use different background images. They also can add music and sound effects. Once it is recorded, it is uploaded to the school website and teachers can play the morning announcements on their electronic display board.

Emily B., who does lunch menu and weather reports, said that this prepares her for public speaking roles.

“You get to know what it’s like to have everyone watching you,” she said.

Zuzanna S. recounted one day when she felt like a celebrity after an awe-struck kindergartner came up to her in the hall after seeing her on the news that morning. Joseph A. added that he feels like he is on SportsCenter when he gives his update. 

Assistant Principal Megan Pavlick said that students were able to select their jobs based on interests and strengths. It’s a true team effort, she noted as every role is equally important to the production whether on camera or on the technical side.