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Max Effort for Memoirs at Fairfield

Memoir Writing  Memoir Writing  Memoir Writing  Memoir Writing

Reflecting on about 10 years of memories, fifth graders at Fairfield Elementary School had to pick one that really stood out for a writing workshop activity.

In the memoir writing unit, students brainstormed significant moments in their lives, then picked one to turn into a story. Among the topics were getting a dog, winning a sports championship and family trips. Students followed the writing process, which included a first draft, editing and revising their work, and finally a published piece.

They explored different writing techniques including the use of dialogue and sensory details to help readers feel like they were actually there. Students also had reflective endings, in which they concluded their stories by explaining why the moment was important.

In Peggy Meininger’s class, students turned their stories into digital books. They used Book Creator on their Chromebooks to spice up their stories with colorful backgrounds, fun designs and relevant graphics, and added audio of themselves reading it. The finished books, each between six and eight pages, were then shared in a digital classroom library for all students to enjoy.

On Nov. 16, students took some time to read and listen to a few of their classmates’ stories. Each child filled out a comment card with something they liked about the story, a question and a helpful suggestion.