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East Lake Engineers Hope for No Scrambled Eggs

There were some cracks and a couple of splats, but fifth graders mostly had success in the annual egg drop competition on June 16 at East Lake Elementary School.

The event was coordinated by Magnet and STEAM teacher Lisa Gennardo, who provided students with a variety of recycled materials to make contraptions that could keep an egg safe from roughly a 15-foot drop. Students followed the engineering design process and worked on their projects for a few weeks before putting on the final touches that day. Several children added parachutes, while others built containers that descended quickly but were filled with lots of padding.

Students dropped their egg holders from a second-story window in the fifth grade hallway. They tried to land it on the bullseye below, earning points both for proximity to the target and for an unscathed egg. The competition was livestreamed for any classes that wanted to watch, and a few students and teachers even came out for an in-person viewing.