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Mock Trial Argues its Way to County Title

Mock Trial

Massapequa High School’s aspiring lawyers are county champions, capturing the Nassau County title in the New York State Bar Association’s mock trial tournament.

It is the third time Massapequa’s mock trial team has won the championship, with previous titles in 2012 and 2018. This year’s competition was held virtually, and students competed from a simulated courtroom in the library.

Throughout the season, Massapequa would have to argue a case either as the prosecution or defense. Their prosecution team consisted of Lindsey B., Amanda P. and Kaitlyn T., while the defense team was Katie P., Mia S. and Megan T.. Both groups were instrumental in earning the championship, with the defense team successfully arguing their case in the semifinals, and the prosecution team coming out on top in the finals.

Lindsey, who gave the closing summation in the finals, said it was fictitious case about securities fraud. She also had a chance to interview the prosecution’s witness, a detective, and the defense expert witness, an accountant. Having been a member of the team since her freshman year, Lindsey added that it was a joy to close out her mock trial career with a county title.

“We worked very hard and it was nice to see the fruits of our labor pay off,” she said. “We were all really dedicated.”

Katie, also a senior, said being a member of Massapequa High School’s mock trial team has given her many opportunities to learn about the law, including trips to Harvard and Yale universities this year. In addition to advisers Daniel Bachman and Pat Barry, the team also has several legal mentors including David Santana from the Nassau County District Attorney’s office, Tracie Razzagone, a practicing attorney and Massapequa graduate, and Brian Faraczek, a second year law student at Hofstra University. 

Kaitlyn said that the team had a very strong bond and everyone worked toward their common goal of winning a championship. She noted that the juniors and seniors take the younger mock trial members under their wings, share their knowledge and provide constructive feedback.

The team’s next event will be a scrimmage match on May 18 at the Federal Courthouse in Central Islip hosted by U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Joseph Bianco.