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Berner Students Share Strategies of Stress Reduction

To help manage stress and take care of their emotional health, seventh graders at Berner Middle School are teaching each other effective strategies and techniques.

In Denise Robertson’s health education classes, students are creating digital presentations about stress management. Topics include asking for help, creating a sleep schedule, deep breathing, making a to-do list, setting goals, staying organized and studying habits. Ms. Robertson noted that these are skills that students typically aren’t taught, but are important for mental well-being.

Students could work individually or with a partner. They used various online resources for research, as well as different apps to make their presentations such as Canva, Google Drawings and Google Slides. The presentations had to include reasons why a stress management skill is important and how to incorporate it into their daily lives. Students then shared their presentations with classmates, giving everyone multiple tools for effective stress management.