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Auditorium, Classroom Renovations Top Summer Work

Construction projects are taking place at eight of nine buildings in the Massapequa School District this summer, with upgrades funded by voter-approved bond referendums in January 2018 and May 2019.

Getting a top-to-bottom renovation is the Massapequa High School auditorium. The work will include new floors both for the stage and the seating area, and a new ceiling to improve acoustics. The original seats, which date to the 1950s and were reupholstered more than two decades ago, are being replaced. Other upgrades will include new drapes, house lighting and paint. The project is expected to be completed around Oct. 1.

Berner Middle School’s auditorium is also being renovated and will get brand new seats and flooring, along with a new stage floor. Across the hall, the music suite is being overhauled with new floors, lighting and paint, and the installation of air conditioning. This includes both the large music rooms, as well as the small practice rooms and offices. Old lockers were removed in the surrounding hallways and will be replaced with new instrument storage lockers.

Classroom renovations, approved in the 2018 bond, are continuing at Berner, along with five of six elementary schools. This work includes new cabinets, ceilings and lighting, floors, paint and electronic display boards. Across the district, 80 classrooms are being upgraded this summer, including 25 at Berner and the entire second floor of Lockhart Elementary School.

Every classroom at McKenna Elementary School was renovated by the end of the year, and East Lake, Lockhart and Unqua will join the list by September. The entire second and third floors of Berner will also be done by the summer, along with a substantial number of rooms at Birch Lane and Fairfield.

Several other projects are taking place, including a pair of bathroom renovations at Birch Lane, the installation of a canopy over the kindergarten entrance at East Lake, and a ceiling and lighting replacement in the cafeteria serving area at Fairfield. A classroom is being converted at the high school into a life skills room, which will be designed like a small apartment. Half-walls will create a bedroom and living room area, while another wall will be lined with appliances. At McKenna, the rear parking lot is begin expanded and reconfigured to serve both the school and the senior center, with more than 30 new spots planned.