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A Camp to Put Their Stamp on Second Grade

It may have been called Camp Read-A-Lot, but there were also grammar, writing and math activities as second graders at East Lake Elementary School reviewed the many lessons they have learned throughout the year.

On June 18, each classroom was set up like a campsite, with students using their desk barriers and plastic tablecloths to make tents. They brought in stuffed animals and flashlights for a comfy and cozy feeling. There was video of a roaring campfire on the classroom display boards along with the sound of crickets.

Students pulled up camping-themed stories on their Chromebooks to practice different reading skills and strategies. They wrote acrostic poems using the word “camping” and penned how-to pieces about building a tent, making smores and starting a campfire. At the grammar center, they reviewed adjectives, contractions, nouns and verbs. For math, students reinforced their knowledge of money, time and two-digit addition.