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Fairfield Fifth Graders Gather for Gifts and Gab

As they gathered outside on the school’s back lawn on June 17, every fifth grader at Fairfield Elementary School in the Massapequa School District received a large white bag. Once everyone had a swag bag, they could take out the red tissue paper and reveal what was underneath.

The gift bags were part of an end-of-year celebration for the future middle schoolers. Each student received a yearbook, a pen, a dark blue Massapequa Chiefs hoodie and a blanket with the name of every Fairfield fifth grader as well as their graduation years from Fairfield, Berner Middle School (2024) and Massapequa High School (2028).

The pens were quickly put to use to sign those yearbooks, as students wrote well wishes to each other as they prepare to head to Berner in September and join their peers from five other elementary schools. They did take a brief pause from signing to enjoy pretzels in the shape of “2021.”