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McKenna Students Go Big With Biographies

From the founders of the country to modern day heroes, second graders at McKenna Elementary School dressed up as these notable figures to create their annual wax museum.

It’s a spring tradition at McKenna as the culminating project for the biography unit. On June 16, students came to school looking like their famous figures, including astronauts, athletes, authors, entertainers, historical figures, philanthropists and more.

After learned about biographies as part of their study of non-fiction writing, each student selected a famous person to research. They used books and a variety of online resources to find information, such as when and where each person was born and notable accomplishments.

Parents were invited to the visit the wax museum virtually, as each second grade class hosted a Google Meet session. Every student was invited up to present a verbal book report about his or her famous figure. They concluded their projects by making Flipgrid videos, to be shared with everyone in the class.