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Life is Just Ducky at Lockhart

Ducks are usually found swimming on a pond, but for a few weeks each spring, they can also be spotted in first grade classrooms at Lockhart Elementary School. As part of the duck embryology unit, each class receives an incubator with eggs and eventually the birds come to life before the students’ eyes.

Children counted down the 28-day incubation period, during which they learned lot of facts about ducks. Some hatched overnight, but others hatched during the day, which provided an exciting moment for Lockhart’s young scientists. Once the ducks were born, they were transferred to a brooder and students took care of them by ensuring they had proper food and water as well as a clean cage. Occasionally, they also took the ducks outside to a small pool so the birds could learn how to swim.

Each class also named its birds. Teacher Kelly Lake said each of her students wrote down a suggestion, and names for the ducks were picked from a hat.