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Ames Pair Awarded for Creative German Story Books

German Storybooks

Two students from the Massapequa High School Ames Campus were recognized for both their language skills and their creativity in a contest hosted by Long Island Language Teachers. Ninth graders Olivia Kenney and Emily Haggerty earned the top two spots in the written essay category for German in the 2021 Student World Language Competition.

Olivia and Emily both created story books in German. Earning first place was Olivia’s imaginative story about a water molecule that runs for president against a lamp on Mars. Second place went to Emily for her creative piece about a zebra that is bad at skiing, but eventually becomes good with the help of his friends.

The students said that they decided to enter the competition because it sounded fun and they wanted an opportunity to enhance their German language skills. Olivia and Emily are students in Dean Guarnaschelli’s Level 2 class.