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An Earth Day Commitment to Recycling at East Lake

Keeping the planet clean is a goal for students at East Lake Elementary School, and for Earth Day they identified ways they can do their part.

Kindergartners in Maureen Walsh’s class learned about recycling and why it’s important. They made a “Lend a Hand, Help the Earth” bulletin board. The background was recycled newspapers and the border was other recycled materials including pieces of cardboard boxes, paper bags and plastic containers.

The center of the display was a large blue and green image of the Earth made from their handprints. On each side was student writing, in which they identified the ways they can lend a hand to help their planet.

Students throughout the school participated in the New York State Senate Earth Day poster celebration. The theme was “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” Students were encouraged to come up with designs that emphasize the importance of recycling and waste reduction.