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Lockhart Students Show the Earth Some Love

To celebrate Earth Day, students at Lockhart Elementary School planted seeds, wrote poems and created color crafts. Children made commitments to helping their planet by identifying small acts they can take, such as planting trees and recycling.

Kindergartners in Kim Mollica’s class read “The Tiny Seed,” then got their hands a little dirty. They learned how to reuse materials by making planting pots out of the bottom half of plastic water bottles. Each student added a small layer of rocks, then scooped in a bunch of soil before placing two sunflower seeds inside.

Ms. Mollica said it was a practice activity for when they plant seeds for a Lockhart school garden. Children took their planters home, where they will watch the flowers grow. 

In Melissa Carney’s class, students wrote acrostic poems, using “Earth Day” and made creative interpretations of the globe using paper plates and blue and green construction paper. Each child in Monica Rosario’s second grade class made a “My Little Book About Earth Day” and also colored in a picture of a globe with a big heart in the middle to celebrate their love for the Earth.