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East Lake Students are Masters of Disguise

Bug hunt   Bug hunt   Bug hunt

There was a bug invasion in a fourth grade classroom at East Lake Elementary School, but the paper critters were a little hard to spot as it was part of a lesson on camouflage.

During a science lesson in Theresa LiCausi’s class, students learned how animals hide, and they focused on the ways bugs are able to blend in with their surroundings. Each student was tasked with making a paper insect and giving it a design so it could blend into a surface in the classroom. Before school one day, Ms. LiCausi hid their creatures around the room and when students arrived, they went on a bug hunt, trying to find as many as they could.

The bugs were “hidden in plain sight,” Ms. LiCausi said, but many were hard to find because the students did such a good job camouflaging them. She awarded a prize to the student who found the most bugs, and the student whose bug couldn’t be found at all.