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Ames Students Have a Digital Dialogue on Organ Donation

Organ Donation   Organ Donation  

For years, volunteers from the Long Island Transplant Recipients International Organization have visited health classes at Massapequa High School’s Ames Campus to discuss the importance of organ donation. The COVID-19 didn’t stop the communication of that important message, as this year they met with students via Google Meet.

The speakers included organ recipients Ken Abbott, Jeff Fenn and Daniel O’Neill, who gave statistics about organ donation. They noted that more than 100,000 people nationally are on transplant waiting lists.

Ames students learned about the different organs and body tissue that can be transplanted, and how one donor can save up to eight lives with an organ donation and heal up to 50 people through tissue donation. The ninth graders are less than two years away from being old enough to decide if they want to become organ donors. LITRIO speakers said they can join the registry when obtaining their learner’s permits at 16.

Health education Chairwoman Denise Baldinger said her students learned a lot during the virtual presentation and were very moved to hear from people whose lives were saved because of organ transplants. They wrote thank-you letters to the speakers.