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Berner Students Share Fitness Tips with Technology

Berner Digital Fitness

In an effort to promote healthy living, students at Berner Middle School connected with their elementary peers in a digital fitness project. Under the direction of Berner technology learning coach Meredith Marin and physical education teachers Erin Kollar, Kerry Regan and Michael Viola, students in sixth, seventh and eighth grade created projects with videos of different warmup exercises.

Each project includes a main slide labeled “This or That?” There are pictures of two options, such as pizza vs. mac and cheese, vanilla vs. chocolate ice cream and Islanders vs. Rangers. A student picks their favorite of the two and a video pops up of a fitness activity. Students either used GIFs or short exercise videos found online.

Ms. Marin noted that the videos feature simple exercises that children can do at home without needing any equipment. Berner students completed their projects by making screencasts in WeVideo, which were then shared with students at the six elementary schools through PowerSchool Learning.