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Writing, Recording and Reviewing at McKenna

With a wealth of digital resources to use, students at McKenna Elementary are enhancing their writing projects with technology.

First graders in Colleen Lawlor’s class recently wrote their personal narrative stories. They could write about something they love, someone special in their lives or someplace fun they have been. Some of the topics including playing outside on a winter day, decorating for Christmas and going to Chuck E. Cheese. After completing a first draft, and editing and revising their pieces, it was time to publish.

The class then had a virtual writing celebration so everyone could share in the great work that was done. Each student made a Flipgrid video reading aloud his or her story. The videos were shared on a class page so all of Ms. Lawlor’s students could watch and leave compliments for their classmates.

Fifth graders in Jaclyn Scorce’s class completed book reviews using Google Slides based on their independent reading books. The digital reviews are shared with the entire class, so students can get ideas for books they might want to read in the future. Most recently, students were reading nonfiction books of their choosing.

Each student gives his or her book a star rating, gives a few details and writes a recommendation. With Google Slides, they can personalize their book reviews by changing the color of the text and adding graphics.