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Kindergartners Explore the Alphabet Outdoors

Learning letters, sounds and sight words is a fundamental part of school for all kindergartners, and this year the youngest learners in Massapequa are getting to do so outside.

As part of the district’s reopening plan during the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor lessons are strongly encouraged on nice days, and kindergarten teachers have been taking advantage of the mostly sunny and warm weather throughout September and October. Not only do the students get a change of scenery, they also get some fresh air and movement as they travel from their classroom to an outdoor learning area.

Unqua Elementary School kindergarten teacher Kim Doherty said her students enjoy coming outside for Fundations, which is the early literacy program that the district uses. Each child brings a small dry-erase board and marker to practice writing lowercase and uppercase letters.

Trish Brackman, a kindergarten teacher at Lockhart Elementary School, uses the area adjacent to the playground for Fundations lessons. Her students bring out towels, and find places to work on their letters and sounds while practicing social distancing. They help identify words that start with the letter of the day.