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Birch Lane Students Step and Cycle to School

The buses were a little emptier as they pulled up to Birch Lane Elementary School on Oct. 7 as many students decided to take advantage of National Walk to School Day.

Held in partnership with the Birch Lane PTA, the campaign is coordinated by the National Center for Safe Routes to School. In its 24th year, Walk to School Day encourages safe and active travel. It supports physical activity, safe pedestrian and bike riding practices and environmental health.

The weather certainly cooperated, with a warm and sunny morning making the decision easy to forgo getting on the bus or in a car. Many parents accompanied their children on the walk to school to make it a family outing. Walking wasn’t the only option as dozens of students chose to ride their bikes.

Fourth grader Robert T. rode his bike to school for the first time, and he met up with several of his friends as they arrived at the bike racks. Robert, who usually takes the bus, rode to school with his father, and said he enjoyed getting fresh air and exercise.

“I wanted to try riding my bike to school and it was fun,” he said, adding that he plans to do so again.

To make the walk to school fun, students also could complete a scavenger hunt along the way to learn more about their neighborhood. They marked off items they noticed such as a blue car, a yellow house, an American flag, cats and dogs, a fire hydrant, flowers, stop signs and more.