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East Lake Second Graders Get a Taste of Election Process

As millions of adults are preparing to cast their votes for president and other offices, second graders at East Lake Elementary School are also participating in the democratic process on a topic that’s closer to their expertise.

On Oct. 1, students in Meggin Hall’s class voted in the Great Cookie Election. Students had two choices on the ballot – chocolate chip cookies and Oreos – and had to pick their favorite. Before heading to the polls, students learned about voting including why it is important and what impact it has on their lives. They also discussed the rights and responsibilities of citizens.

Children filled out voter registration cards, which they handed to Ms. Hall to receive their ballots. Just like regular polling places, there were privacy shields so they could vote confidentially. After all the ballots were cast, Ms. Hall pulled them out of the box one-by-one, and students kept track on graphing sheets. She told her class that last year, chocolate chip cookies won in a landslide, but this year the race was tight right to the end, which chocolate chip winning by a single vote.