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East Lake Trivia Challenge is a Hoot!

Kahoot Challenge How much do East Lake Elementary School students know about their school? That was the premise of a Kahoot! challenge for children who answered 20 questions in the virtual trivia contest.

With schools in Massapequa and throughout the country closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the challenge helped students remain connected to their elementary school. For a 24-hour period beginning the morning of April 22, children could log in and test their knowledge. Students were already familiar with Kahoot!, a game-based learning platform, because teachers frequently use it as a tool for their students to review course material in a fun and interactive way.

The multiple choice and true-false questions centered on East Lake people, places and pride. Students were asked which faculty member loves giraffes (library media specialist Renee Susman), what East Lake’s motto is (“Soaring to new heights”) and which club created the new mural (Cricut club). Some questions were based upon pictures of different locations in the building.

Second grader Michael O. said his favorite question was the one about Freddy the rabbit, who appears every spring on a season flag in the lobby, because, “I’ve known his name since kindergarten but never thought this piece of knowledge would prove useful.”

East Lake trivia was chosen as the topic so all students, kindergarten through fifth grade, could fairly compete. The nearly 200 participants were ranked based on the number of questions they answered correctly as well as speed.

A second round of East Lake-themed Kahoot trivia was held the week of May 11, with more than 130 participants. The question answered correctly by the most students was “Which teacher hatches baby chicks in their classroom?” Nearly 90 percent knew it is Magnet and STEAM teacher Lisa Gennardo.

“Just like our students, we miss East Lake School and everyone who makes East Lake the wonderful place that it is,” Principal Thomas McKillop said. “We chose Kahoot! because we wanted to find another way to keep our students engaged during this period of distance learning. Our East Lake Kahoot trivia challenge was intended to focus on making a social connection with our East Lake Families in a fun and entertaining way.”