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Fairfield Fifth Graders Have a Nose for News

FFE  Broadcast Club   FFE  Broadcast Club   FFE  Broadcast Club

Fifth graders are getting a behind-the-scenes look at broadcasting at Fairfield Elementary School with the production of a morning news show. A room off of the library serves as the studio where the daily announcements are recorded.

Adviser Mary Gaynor said that there are several students from each fifth grade class who participate, and every group is responsible for at least one broadcast per week. They are in charge of gathering content such as upcoming school events, student recognition, sports scores and the weather. They begin with the Pledge of Allegiance and a patriotic song, and also share Fairfield’s birthdays, a fact of the day and a joke of the day.

Some students in each group serve as the news anchors, while others work behind the scenes and have become experts in using the broadcast equipment. In addition to an iPad on a tripod to record video, there is a wireless microphone, lights and sound board. The anchors sit in front of a green screen so the background can be changed based upon the news segment.

Ms. Gaynor says that participation in the broadcast club helps students build confidence and also teaches them responsibility as they have to come in prepared with information every day. Each day’s show, typically three to five minutes long, is shared on PowerSchool and Fairfield’s YouTube channel for teachers to show to their class.