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Fairfield Fifth Graders Lead Gingerbread Experiment

Gingerbread Experiment   Gingerbread Experiment   Gingerbread Experiment   Gingerbread Experiment

Gingerbread cookies were the subject of a holiday-themed science experiment at Fairfield Elementary School as kindergartners and fifth graders worked together to analyze the effects of different liquids on the sweets.

Fifth graders in Margaret Meininger’s class partnered with kindergartners in Melanie Bonagura’s class for the scientific study. Since the older students have conducted several experiments over the years, they were able to guide their younger peers through the scientific process, including making predictions and recording observations.

Each group put one gingerbread cookie into a cup of oil and another into a cup of milk. Students then checked back 15 minutes later to see which liquid caused more of the cookie to dissolve, using magnifying glasses to get a close-up look. During their wait, the buddies read holiday books together and enjoyed the extra gingerbread cookies as a snack.