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Lockhart Students Proudly Share Their First Stories

After weeks of learning letter sounds and building a vocabulary of small but important words, kindergartners were ready to move on to writing full sentences at Lockhart Elementary School. That culminated with a writing celebration on Nov. 21, during which special guests visited the classrooms to share in the excitement of the newly published authors.

The students in Trish Brackman’s, Therese Burch’s and Kimberly Mollica’s classes completed their first books of the school year through Writer’s Workshop. Each child picked an important moment in his or her life to write about in a three-page story that included a beginning, a middle and an end, along with illustrations.

Lockhart teachers and staff, along with building and district administrators, visited the classrooms and sat down as the children read aloud their completed works. The guests also made sure to pass along compliments to the young writers.

Ms. Mollica explained that the philosophy for kindergartners is “we write what we know,” so that in the early stages of their writing development they can focus on important literacy skills like spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure. Principal Dr. Michael Yannucci added that the celebration gave students a chance to reflect on their writing and the strategies they used, a true sign of practicing writer’s craft.