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McKenna Students to Welcome Veterans With Art

MKE Veterans Day Art   MKE Veterans Day Art   MKE Veterans Day Art

To prepare for a special Veterans Day event in November, students at McKenna Elementary School have been creating art projects to welcome their special guests.

The school is inviting veterans to visit the school and talk to students about their experiences on Nov. 7. Under the direction of art teacher Ellen Cervone, children in each grade are making masterpieces that will be hung in the school’s Hall of Heroes when the veterans arrive.

Kindergartners are making mobiles in the shape of a star with blue and red streamers. First graders are creating paper soldiers and second graders are doing colorful hearts in the style of artist Jim Dine. The third grade project will be a stars and stripes mural, which each pair of students creating a one square.

Word art is the fourth grade project, with children making colorful creations from words associated with veterans such as brave, hero, honor and respect. Fifth graders are designing collages based on the different branches of the military.