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Third Graders are Growing Together at Lockhart

LHE Let Grow Tree

“Let Grow” projects are a staple in Katelyn Mulvey’s third grade class at Lockhart Elementary School, which help students become more independent and achieve personal growth.

For a recent assignment, students had to think of tasks they were ready to do on their own, without the help of an adult. Ideas included climbing a tree, opening a lemonade stand, going fishing, mailing a letter and making breakfast using the toaster. Children wrote down their ideas on pieces of green paper and added these leaves to their “Let Grow” tree outside of the classroom. Some students even included photos of themselves doing their independent activity.

“One way that children acquire the resilience and self-control they need to succeed is by doing some things on their own,” she said. “Students went home, talked to their parents about doing something on their own and that they felt ready to do, and were exhilarated after completing their project.”

Ms. Mulvey added that the students will do one “Let Grow” project per month and continue to add leaves to the tree throughout the school year.