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Music Education on the Cutting Edge in Massapequa

Music Tech   Music Tech

Elementary students throughout the district are exploring music in a fun and interactive way with the adoption of a new program, Quaver. 

Lockhart Elementary School music teacher Kathleen Dyckman said the computer-based program creates more student-centered instruction. The program was piloted in select music classes last year before being adopted throughout the district this year. It is full of resources to help students learn musical terms, notes and more with colorful graphics and animations.

Ms. Dyckman explained that the program allows her to infuse technology into traditional music lessons. She can pull up the notes to songs on her interactive whiteboard and students can play along using instruments in the classroom.

For a recent activity, Ms. Dyckman showed students the notes to “Bought Me a Cat.” They were able to come up to the interactive whiteboard, and click and drag the pictures of different animals to add sounds. Students in the class played different instruments to represent the animal sounds and learned how to play their parts within an ensemble.

“It creates an energetic classroom by engaging students through technology,” Ms. Dyckman said. “It provides students the opportunity to interact and get hands-on experience while incorporating classroom instruments and other learning tools.”