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A Successful Day One for Massapequa’s Class of 2032

“Don’t worry, you’ve still got some time,” East Lake Elementary School Principal Thomas McKillop said to parents, as he pointed to a chalk message on the sidewalk welcoming the Class of 2032. Mr. McKillop greeted the incoming students on Sept. 6, the first day for all kindergarten students in the Massapequa School District, while reminding their families that there are many years to enjoy before high school graduation. 

Many kindergartners arrived with their parents for first-day photos and one more hug before beginning school. Others came by bus, where they were greeted by teachers and students from the Safety Patrol to direct them to their classrooms, or were guided by an older sibling.

This year, the district welcomed more than 510 kindergartners at the six elementary schools. The students walked into classrooms with shiny floors, colorful bulletin boards and countless numbers of books, prepared for an exciting learning adventure.