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New Teachers Ready to Meet Their Students

New Teacher Orientation   New Teacher Orientation   New Teacher Orientation   New Teacher Orientation

Filled with excitement and enthusiasm, nearly two dozen individuals joined the Massapequa School District family of educators on Aug. 20, the first day of a two-day new teacher orientation program that gave them a thorough introduction to the district.

Superintendent Lucille F. Iconis welcomed the 23 new teachers to a “noble profession” and promised that they will be valued and supported. She reminded them to be reflective, to establish meaningful connections with students and to make their teaching as individualized as possible to support every learner.

“You are here to nurture those young minds,” Ms. Iconis told them at the Teacher Learning Center at McKenna Elementary School. “You’ve been given a great responsibility and also a great opportunity to do what’s best for every kid in this district.”

The group included first-time teachers, teachers who are moving into full-time positions in the district and those returning to the profession. Ms. Iconis asked everyone to share stories about their inspiration for entering the teaching field.

Several of the newcomers are Massapequa High School graduates, including Kaitlin Bruckner who will be an integrated co-teaching resource room teacher at Birch Lane and East Lake elementary schools. She recalled participating in the High School Heroes program, in which she and her classmates visited district elementary schools to teach second graders about careers, community and finance. Additionally, she spent two years in the high school’s Child Study program.

Nicole Lipori, who will be a special education kindergarten teacher at East Lake, and Chris Kiernan, who will teach fifth grade at Fairfield, are assigned to the elementary schools they attended as Massapequa students.

An annual tradition, Ms. Iconis read “Mrs. Spitzer’s Garden” about a teacher who plants the seeds of knowledge in her young students. The new teachers were welcomed by Board of Education President Kerry Wachter and learned about the vast array of instructional technology resources available in Massapequa as they received their Chromebooks.