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A Momentous Milestone for the Class of 2019

Nationally recognized scholars, championship athletes and distinguished artists and musicians were among the 543 students who comprised a memorable class that graduated from Massapequa High School on June 24 at Hofstra University.

Principal Brian Conboy said the Class of 2019 was filled with students who have earned accolades for their talents. In addition to individual accomplishments, the graduates have been part of numerous county, Long Island and state championship teams, both academic and athletic. He noted that the class is a cohesive group of friends who support each other.

“Smile like you earned something, because you did, and it’s important,” he told the graduates, reminding them to leave high school with a smile and with pride in reaching this major milestone.

Mr. Conboy also reminded the students that not every moment needs to be documented with a picture, so put their cell phones down once in a while and create memories that will live in just their minds.

Students speakers reflected on their time together at Massapequa High School and gave their classmates some words of wisdom for the future. Valedictorian Nino B. recalls entering Fairfield Elementary School in fourth grade with limited English skills. Despite those early struggles to converse with her peers, she was welcomed and developed long-lasting friendships. That sense of camaraderie continued through high school, she explained, noting that her class always displayed tremendous spirit whether it was at an athletic event, concert, art show or theatrical production.

“There is so much talent that resides in the walls of Massapequa High School,” said Nino, who will enroll at Harvard University in the fall.

Salutatorian Ariana F., slated to attend another Ivy League school, Brown University, discussed how small moments in life can have a huge impact. She said asked her fellow graduates to think of people in their lives who have had a major influence, especially those that said something that planted the seeds for a personal goal or dream.

General Organization President Daniel K. spoke of the tremendous opportunities that he and his classmates have had in Massapequa, and thanked the teachers, coaches and others who have given advice that can last a lifetime.

Senior Class President Jeffrey Bordengo said that mistakes, while sometimes embarrassing, are good learning experiences. He noted that everyone will start fresh in a few months, but they are well prepared and should draw on their experiences in making the successful transition to high school.

“Best of luck beyond high school,” Jeffrey said, “and thank you for all of the great moments these last four years.”

Mr. Conboy recognized graduates who will be entering a branch of the military or attending a military institution. Department awards were also presented to the top student in each subject area. After diplomas were handed out, graduates moved their tassels from right to left, but those didn’t stay there long as blue caps soon flew through the air.