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Berner Artists Showcase Their Abilities

Thousands of colorful pieces of artwork were on display in gymnasium at Berner Middle School on June 4 for the annual student art show. Each sixth, seventh and eighth grader enrolled in an art class was invited to submit one two-dimensional piece and one three-dimensional piece to be displayed.

The show highlighted the multitude of projects completed throughout the school year including drawings, paintings and sculptures. Students from the National Junior Art Society showcased their sketchbooks.

“I feel proud that I’m able to show off my artwork,” eighth grader Hannah L. said. “I get to see how people react to it and if they like it or not. I get to have feedback on my art.”

Her two pieces in the show included a pencil sketch of singer Ariana Grande and a 3D recreation of a painting from Claude Monet’s water lilies series. Emma K. featured a portrait drawing and a sculpture.

“I like showing people what I’ve been working on because I have worked hard on my projects,” Emma said, noting that she put in a lot of time and effort to make her work look as realistic as possible.

Work was completed under the direction of art teachers Tildy Becker-DeLuca, Bethany Bracconier, Alison Clemente, Jason Coppola, Heather Cullinan and Paul Leone.