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Lockhart Science Lesson is Just Ducky

Duck Lesson   Duck Lesson

Lockhart Duck  

First graders are caring for 14 ducks at Lockhart Elementary School as part of an annual spring science project. Teachers Regina Birney, Kelly Ann Lake and Kelly Anne Xippolitos helped the students welcome the young animals to the classrooms.

Approximately a month ago, the three classes received eggs from Makinajian Poultry in Huntington. Following a 28-day incubation period, the first ducks were born during school on June 3. By the next day, each class had at least four baby ducks. 

While the students anxiously awaited the arrival of their furry friends, they learned about the animal life cycle as well as the different parts of the ducks and the eggs. Children participated in candling activities, in which they held a special light up to the eggs to see the developing animals inside.

Once the ducks were born, children named them and learned how to carefully they hold them. They also cared for the animals by making sure they had food, water and clean bedding. Ms. Xippolitos said students took these responsibilities very seriously as they learned about kindness and respect for all living creatures.

As a culminating activity, each student will write a nonfiction “All About Ducks” book that will include information learned throughout the unit. Ms. Xippolitos said that after about two weeks, the ducks will return to their farm “to live happily ever after” at a duck pond.