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Lockhart Students Show Love Through Digital Designs

LHE Mothers Day   LHE Mothers Day   LHE Mothers Day

It was easy for students at Lockhart Elementary School to express their feelings about their moms, as technology helped them make heartfelt Mother’s Day gifts. Computer teacher assistant Donna Meyer supported students in creating personalized projects.

Kindergartners thought of words that describe their mothers, like caring, loving and sweet, and made word art. Children typed the words and selected a shape, and the computer generated an image for them. They were able to customize their designs by picking the color scheme and font.

Third graders brainstormed different memories with their mothers and selected a favorite one to write about. Using Google Slides on their Chromebooks, they shared these special moments over a floral background. The completed images were printed out and given as Mother’s Day presents.

Students in several classes published copies of the Mother’s Day Press. Under the headline “World’s Greatest Mom,” each student wrote about his or her mother’s character traits and personal interests, as well as special memories together, and included a picture.