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Massapequa’s Young Scientists Discover the World

More than 170 elementary and middle school students showcased their scientific knowledge at the district’s annual Science Discovery Fair on April 6.

Students conducted experiments at home and presented their findings on poster boards. The fair was open to all kindergarten through fifth graders from the six elementary schools, and there were approximately 100 projects as students could work individually or with partners.

The young scientists explored a large variety of concepts including air pressure, electricity, genetics, structural engineering and more. Many children analyzed different foods and beverages, cleaning products and household objects. Event coordinator Paul Hesleitner, a science teacher at Massapequa High School, said children could explore any topic they wanted as long as it was safe.

“There were all kinds of projects on all different subjects,” he said. “I liked walking around just seeing what they came up with. Their projects were really remarkable.”

Students in the high school science research program volunteered their time to help participants during the experiment process. They also served as science fair judges, along with several teachers. Trophies were awarded to the top finishers in fourth and fifth grades.

Eighth-graders in the Introduction to Science Research class at Berner Middle School also presented their projects at the fair.