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A Week of Positivity and Unity at McKenna

To continue fostering a positive school climate and culture, McKenna Elementary School in the Massapequa School District held its first Character Building Week from March 25-29.

Each day had a different theme, including Positive Monday, Superhero Tuesday, Feel Good Wednesday, Mindful Thursday and Teamwork Friday. There were schoolwide activities that built camaraderie among students and staff.

Students wrote positive messages on paper links, which were turned into chains and hung throughout the school. For the compliment tree, each child was asked to write a nice message about a classmate on a leaf-shaped piece of paper. The Junior Chiefs Helping Hands club created the “McKenna Says” board with messages of encouragement and kindness. To foster collaboration, first-grade students partnered with their fifth-grade buddies to make posters about teamwork.

Throughout the week, students were asked to wear clothing that matched the theme such as shirts with positive messages, superhero shirts and blue and gold attire. There were also songs tied to the daily theme like “We’re All in This Together” for Teamwork Friday.

“Each day had a different way for students to view themselves, with the goal of having a more positive outlook,” Assistant Principal Mary Anne Ferraro said. “There was a positive vibe throughout the school the whole week. The students became more conscientious of how they spoke to others and how they spoke about themselves.  Which ultimately taught them how to be more mindful in their everyday lives.”